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BMB NKN-300 Professional Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphone

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This microphone is high cost effective and provides high-quality sound. It has a solid and robust shell with wind-proof and blowout-preventer. The microphone is made of imported core, resulting in great reduction of feedback effect. With its cost effectiveness and elaborative making, the mike is of top choice to many recreational places, like KTV.
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Frequency Echo Range 50Hz to 16kHz

Impedance : 6000 (at 1kHz)

Sensitivity : -74dB ±3dB (0dB=1v/0.1Pa at 1kHz)

Sound Pressure Level : Above 130dB (SPL)

Output Interface : Integral 3 Pin XLRM type

Output Connector : Sealed Nickel Coated

Colour : Silver

Weight : 390G


Good sound pressure level and AL magnet features provide soft and clear voice like professional singers.

Howling is minimized by Uni-directional dynamic design.

Excellent sound absorbency and brightness.

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